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Those Aussie Strippers Are Looking FINE!

I’m sure you all know that pretty much every developed country with any semblance of freedom and sexual identity has its own male erotic dance troupe, but amongst the many thousands of them out there all around the world I think the Thunder From Down Under has to be one of the leaders. In fact, […]

Just Two Hung Straight Guys In A Shared Jack Off

This is actually pretty hot. You probably know that the Active Duty site is always getting straight military guys sharing their cocks with other dudes for the first time on video, and they usually have a guy come in for a solo and then have him being sucked, sucking cock and sometimes even fucking. I […]

Musclebound Alex Allny By Sasha Kosmos

Okay guys, this is going to be one for all the fans of real musclebound men, guys with a whole lot of beef on their bones and the ability to pound you into the dirt (or the mattress!) I just saw this very sexy shoot with Russian bodybuilder Alex Allny and I had to share […]

Pietro Boselli - Worlds Hottest Teacher Is Back

Of course, when I see a new shoot with the utterly and ridiculously gorgeous Pietro Boselli I need to get it on the blog for you guys to check out. When that shoot has the handsome hunk in nothing but some sexy underwear too, well I fully expect some heads to almost explode as a […]

In Bed With Craig Le Roux

In bed with this guy is somewhere we would all love to be, right guys? His name is Craig Le Roux, and it’s the first time we’ve seen this handsome and fit South African male model on the blog, but if I have anything to do with it (and of course I do) this won’t […]

Serious Stroking With Fit New Jock Stanley

I was wondering what to share with you guys for a nude post today, and after thinking long and hard about it I decided that you guys deserve some cock from the Sean Cody site. Check out new guy Stanley, fresh from College and looking for adventure. Now, I hate to bring any negativity to […]

Kerry Degman Naked

I love it when I know I can get plenty of attention for a post with a headline like that! Yes, we’re seeing handsome and buff young jock model Kerry Degman naked, showing off his perfect little ass and being incredibly sexy in a shoot by Mariano Vivanco, and it’s going to leave you all […]

Shiny Swimwear On John Strand By Rick Day

You can always be pretty certain that whenever I see a shoot by legendary Rick Day it’s going to make it to the blog. This shoot with handsome and toned male model John Strand had to be on here for a sexy Sunday finish to the weekend. I know some of you guys will probably […]

Handsome Hung Hunk Bruin Collinsworth

Okay so I have a serious question… how have we not had the handsome and hunky Bruin Collinsworth on the Gay Body Blog before? I just saw him in this sexy shoot for Timoteo and knew he had to be added to the blog, for more than just a couple of reasons. First of all, […]

We All Want A Lot More Of Dustin McNeer

I’m gonna say it… Dustin McNeer is like the epitome of the American country jock boy we all dream about, and I’m not afraid to say it. Being a Brit I suppose I suffer from some of the usual stereotypical imaginings about the US. It’s easy to do considering my most formative years were filled […]

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